Television Commercials

Television Commercial (TVC), created by a brand to introduce its products or services to consumers and to be broadcasted on television channels, is the film format that requires the highest budget among video production types.

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‘The Reasons for the High Budget Requirements of the TVC

  • ZThe budget for the creative work of the commercial, which, due to the high cost of broadcasting, must be executed in great detail in order to effectively convey the marketing message to the target audience within a limited broadcasting time.
  • ZThe cost of a Pre-Production Meeting (PPM) to prepare and plan the commercial, where the details of the implementation of the creative work are clarified.
  • ZCosts for building the commercial set, artwork, sourcing costumes and accessories, and paying actors.
  • ZFees for the artistic team, camera crew, lighting crew, set crew, production crew, and directing team, as well as fees for key personnel such as the cameraman and rental costs for equipment used by the commercial film crew.
  • ZThe budget for post-production of the commercial, including editing, color correction, music and jingle production, sound mixing and mastering, animation, and visual effects.
  • ZMedia planning and budget for the broadcast of commercials, which varies significantly depending on the different criteria such as broadcast time, broadcast frequency, and TV station group.

For the above reasons, the process of creating a commercial requires careful planning and extensive expertise used by both advertisers and advertising agencies.

On the other hand, advertising campaigns prepared for digital platforms are often planned with much lower budgets than traditional TVC campaigns. Given the ad budgets that global ad agencies allocate to such projects, this can be challenging for brands. National or global brands that already have all of their creative work prepared by global ad agencies often have to work with production companies for video production because these agencies do not have in-house video production capabilities, although they do not charge an additional fee for the creative work of the commercial. This system of subcontracting also includes the profit sharing of the advertising agency. Moreover, the brand has to pay an “agency commission” for the digital advertising campaign in addition to the media plan for the commercial.

In addition to all these financial losses, the brand’s marketers, who must meet separately with the creative agency, production company and digital agency, deliver briefings and revisions, and control the quality of the resulting work, lose a lot of time. In such cases, brands tend to work with innovative digital agencies that offer creative work and video production as well as digital media planning to optimize the budget for commercials and use their time more efficiently without having to deal with multiple agencies.

Siu Digital is experienced in providing the necessary creative work, planning and managing the production process, performing post-production, and creating the digital media plan for the commercial you want to broadcast on digital platforms. We also take care of ad buying and influencer marketing.

To save time and budget for your brand, we consolidate all aspects of commercial film production under our digital campaign management services, offering all the services listed below.

Our TVC Services

  • ZBrand Story and Content Mapping Workshops
  • ZCompetitor and Market Analysis through Sample Commercials
  • ZConceptual Work for commercials, including taglines, hashtags and digital campaigns
  • ZWriting TVC scripts and voiceover narration
  • ZLocation acquisition, TVC set installation and costume work
  • ZStoryboard and shooting board work
  • ZProvision of director, cameraman and TVC technical team
  • ZProvision of global standard camera, lighting and production equipment
  • ZCasting, acquisition of actors and celebrity talent
  • ZTVC Post-Production Services
  • ZTVC Post-Production Services Omni-Channel Content Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • ZPerformance Marketing Plan and TVC Media Budget
  • ZInfluencer/ Celebrity Integration into Digital Campaigns
  • ZReporting and results analysis with focus on TVC

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