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We will discuss shortly that video content is much more perceived than written or static visual content, but we assume that many of you have the following questions in mind: I have goals like increasing sales, attracting members, and building a more reliable image for my brand, so what type of video content should I produce? What type of video will be most effective? And what should be the budget for this video?

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Television Commercial

Television Commercial (TVC), created by a brand to introduce its products or services to consumers and to be broadcasted on television channels, is the film format that requires the highest budget among video production types. Therefore, the production process of a commercial film is painstakingly carried out by both advertisers and advertising agencies, and each stage is carefully planned, which requires extensive knowledge and experience.

Promotional Film

Corporate Promotional Film is the term used to describe videos in which a company introduces its products, services, credentials, industry approaches, and even management philosophy from a corporate communications perspective in a short time span of about 3-5 minutes. With the increasing importance of video content on corporate websites and social media accounts, promotional films have become necessary for companies of all sizes.

A promotional film does not aim to sell a product or convey a message to the end consumer; instead, it expresses the brand’s corporate position through storytelling and informative content. Therefore, a brand that wants to make a promotional film needs to determine both the aspects of its business that will be covered in the film and the storytelling techniques and brand story it wants to use.

Product Video

Want to create content that promotes your product to your target audience, but do not know where to start? Moreover, as you have read in many blog posts, your goal is not just to inform users about your product’s features, technical specifications, or general performance; you need different storytelling techniques to persuade your users in different areas, right?

Whether your product is food, software, or a service, the most effective way to communicate with your target audience is through a product video. But is a product video just a video introducing the product?

Animation Film

When we hear “animation film,” we think of big-budget projects like Ice Age, Cars, Toy Story, and Shrek, but animation film production encompasses a variety of techniques. Animation film production, which is charged per second and requires a significant amount of time and effort, is used not only for entertainment purposes in movie theaters or on television but also to create promotional or persuasive videos for brands.

Brands can turn to animation films to convey features or stories related to their products and services that cannot be seen or observed, or that require a significant budget to create.

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