Promotional Film

Corporate Promotional Film is the term used to describe videos in which a company introduces its products, services, credentials, industry approaches, and even management philosophy from a corporate communications perspective in a short time span of about 3-5 minutes. With the increasing importance of video content on corporate websites and social media accounts, promotional films have become necessary for companies of all sizes.

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A promotional film does not aim to sell a product or convey a message to the end consumer; instead, it expresses the brand’s corporate position through storytelling and informative content. Therefore, a brand that wants to make a promotional film needs to determine both the aspects of its business that will be covered in the film and the storytelling techniques and brand story it wants to use.

Siu Digital has been creating promotional films for numerous national and international brands for many years. In addition to script and voice-over development, Siu Digital also handles production planning and execution, animation, and post-production applications. Siu Digital has extensive experience in adapting content for various formats, such as watchout for events and exhibition booths for trade shows.

As part of its promotional film production services, Siu Digital offers its clients the following services.

Promotional Film Services

  • ZBrand Story Workshop
  • ZCompetitor and Market Analysis through Sample Promotional Films
  • ZPromotional Film Scriptwriting and Voiceover Text Creation
  • ZDevelopment of Shooting Plan and Operations Schedule
  • ZProvision of Director and Technical Team for Promotional Film
  • ZProvision of Global Standard Camera, Lighting, and Production Equipment
  • ZPromotional Film Shooting with Cameras, Drones, and Support Equipment
  • ZProvision of Casting, Actors, and Celebrity Artists
  • ZVoiceover Services in Various Languages
  • ZPromotional Film Post-Production and Animation Services
  • ZCustom Sizing for Digital Broadcasting Channels
  • ZCustom Sizing for Events (Watchout) or Exhibition Booths

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