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Want to create content that promotes your product to your target audience, but do not know where to start? Moreover, as you have read in many blog posts, your goal is not just to inform users about your product’s features, technical specifications, or general performance; you need different storytelling techniques to persuade your users in different areas, right?

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Whether your product is food, software, or a service, the most effective way to communicate with your target audience is through a product video. But is a product video just a video introducing the product? To find the answer to this question, you need to answer the question, “What phase of the customer lifecycle does the product video address?” Below are some examples of product video types based on the phases of the Customer Lifecycle.

Awareness Phase

In this phase, you need to explain the solution to your target audience’s problem and the benefits you will provide. Potential customers like to watch videos for product introduction, product presentation, or product explanation.

Interest/Evaluation Phase

Potential customers are aware of their problem and the solution they need. They evaluate your brand along with your competitors. In this phase, it can be beneficial to convey your unique selling proposition with a brand story presented in an emotional product video, a technical product review video, or a product comparison video with your competitors.

Purchase Phase

Potential customers have narrowed down their choices and are about to decide on your brand. In this case, a price-oriented product presentation video or a product video highlighting discounts can help convince them.

Post-Purchase Phase

After purchase, assuming the customer won’t read the user manual, a product usage video that anticipates potential problems, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) videos, or product videos that show other products that can be used with your product (e.g., food cooking videos) can help customers get more value and satisfaction from your product.

Repurchase Phase

Sending your existing customers introductory videos about other products, additional accessories or features for the purchased product, or videos about new product versions via email or SMS during the repurchase phase can drive repeat purchases at a very low cost.

Word of Mouth Phase

The satisfaction your customers experience when using your product will encourage them to recommend it to those around them. Testimonial videos and customer satisfaction videos are the best content to create brand advocates and convince potential customers at every stage.

Siu Digital is experienced in creating the creative work necessary for product videos that appeal to every level of the client segment, managing production planning and processes, executing post-production, and adapting content to all platforms including websites, social media, digital screens, and exhibit booths.

Within the scope of product video production, Siu Digital offers its clients the following services

Product Video Services

  • ZBrand Story Workshop
  • ZCompetitor and Market Analysis through Sample Promotional Films
  • ZPromotional Film Scriptwriting and Voiceover Text Creation
  • ZDevelopment of Shooting Plan and Operations Schedule
  • ZProvision of Director and Technical Team for Promotional Film
  • ZProvision of Global Standard Camera, Lighting, and Production Equipment
  • ZPromotional Film Shooting with Cameras, Drones, and Support Equipment
  • ZProvision of Casting, Actors, and Celebrity Artists
  • ZVoiceover Services in Various Languages
  • ZPromotional Film Post-Production and Animation Services
  • ZCustom Sizing for Digital Broadcasting Channels
  • ZCustom Sizing for Events (Watchout) or Exhibition Booths

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