Customer Journey and Content Mapping

It has been observed that consistently delivering and evolving a brand’s message to its customers can increase revenue by 33% (Lucidpress, 2019). If you start with the statement, “Expecting consumers to choose you by placing ads on TV, radio, or billboards is a thing of the past,” you probably will not mind. We all know that traditional communications have lost their impact. But there is another truth that we need to learn much faster: The same is true for social media or Google ads. If you place ads online and sit back and wait for results, you may be waiting a very long time.

Branding or Content Marketing: which way should you go?

Often brands believe they are successful, or at least taking a step toward success, when they communicate with their customers and provide information about their campaigns. However, in today’s world, consumers are constantly exposed to numerous advertising messages, leading them to avoid advertising altogether. In fact, the use of the “skip ads” button is increasing day by day. This situation brings us to a crossroads: is performance marketing more effective, or is it branding, or perhaps content marketing?

To be realistic, no single method is sufficient on its own, and that’s precisely why all of these approaches continue to be widely used for different purposes. Brands that succeed in integrating and aligning these methods have faster and more sustainable success. So what is the philosophy that unites all these methods?

Journey Maps

Performance marketing, or displaying ads to potential consumers on paid platforms, can play a role in attracting consumers to your traditional or online business, but it’s critical to provide the support that drives consumers to make a purchase. From the consumer’s pre-purchase perception of the brand to the explanations that guide them just prior to purchase, every detail is designed to get the consumer to choose the brand. The ultimate goal is to show consumers every possible path and guide them to our brand through their own preferences.

The entire process from the consumer’s perception of the brand to their preference is driven by Customer Journey Maps. Content maps are developed for all decision points within this customer journey map to prevent consumers from diverting in another direction. Thus, after placing content that explains your brand’s benefits for all possible consumer paths, you can follow the consumer, review their decisions, and discover the steps that could change your next potential customer’s decision.

Content Map Workshop Phases

To ensure the most efficient conversions at each decision point of the Customer Journey Maps we create for the brands we serve, Siu Digital begins the entire process by conducting a Customer Journey and Content Map Workshop with our brands. The Content Map Workshop consists of the following phases:

  • ZCreating Sample Personas
  • ZCreating Sample Customer Journey Maps
  • ZDeciding on Content Types
  • ZCreating a Sample Content Map

Output and Services Obtained at the End of the Workshop

  • ZApproximately 3-hour workshop with the whole team, which will be a lot of fun
  • ZDelightful treats consisting of homemade cookies and fruit teas
  • ZCustomer Journey Map Created for Sample Personal
  • ZVisualized Content Map Table

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