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Social media management for brands is often reduced to a few basic services, similar to other types of marketing communications. The criteria that a brand looking for a social media agency may hear after a while, such as the number of posts, graphic design, content writing, and promotion on Instagram, are actually just a few services that exist in the vast and detailed world of digital marketing on social media platforms. So, what is social media management from Siu Digital’s perspective?

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Social media management is a digital marketing service that allows you to engage with your target audience on select social media platforms, create engaging content, and connect with potential customers. While you can use social media platforms to accomplish some of the actions you plan to take to achieve your brand goals, making decisions from platform selection to content type without expert guidance can be challenging. For example, communication activities on your Facebook accounts targeting middle-aged parents would be very different from an Instagram campaign targeting university students, and the results of a marketing campaign on TikTok targeting the 13-to 15-year-old age group would not be comparable to the impact of Employer Branding efforts on LinkedIn. At this point, working with a social media agency can be beneficial to your brand, but first you need to determine why you are looking for a social media agency and what goals you want to achieve through social media management services.

As part of social media management, Siu Digital offers the following services to its clients.

Social Media Management Services

  • ZCompetitor analysis and market assessment
  • ZSocial media marketing strategy development
  • ZContent writing and design services
  • ZMultichannel content publishing operation
  • ZMessage and comment moderation
  • ZCrisis management and crisis communication
  • ZDigital media monitoring
  • ZIntegrated digital campaigns with influencers and celebrities
  • ZSocial media advertising campaigns and digital media buying
  • ZMobile-targeted advertising campaigns
  • ZCustomer loyalty and after-sales services campaigns

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