Animation Film Production

When we hear “animation film,” we think of big-budget projects like Ice Age, Cars, Toy Story, and Shrek, but animation film production encompasses a variety of techniques. Animation film production, which is charged per second and requires a significant amount of time and effort, is used not only for entertainment purposes in movie theaters or on television but also to create promotional or persuasive videos for brands.

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Brands can turn to animation films to convey features or stories related to their products and services that cannot be seen or observed, or that require a significant budget to create. In this case, depending on the content that the brand wants to convey, the appropriate animation film technique is selected and the production is carried out. Below are brief explanations of some animation film formats.

Kinetic Typography Animation Film

Videos where only the text is animated to support the content, especially in cases where there is no accompanying drawing or visual design, or when the video is to be viewed silently on broadcast channels.

Presentation Animation

Animation videos are created by animating presentations to be played on screens for better understanding.

2D Explanatory Animation Film

An animation format that can be considered as the animated version of a product introduction video. It includes 2D visuals to explain the brand’s products or services. Characters and environments can be used, but character animations are not very detailed and are often created in the form of puppets.

Greenbox Video Post-Production Services

Although it is a hybrid model, GreenBox shooting completely removes the background and adds various text techniques and visual animations to the empty space, making the video more understandable.

Animated Visual Content for Special Occasions

The high interaction rates of video content on social media platforms have led to the need to animate visual content in a format that turns it into videos that last no longer than 10-15 seconds. Videos created with simple motion graphics and kinetic typographic animations have become commonplace on digital platforms.

Motion Graphics Animation

This term encompasses many two-dimensional animation formats. However, the most commonly used definition refers to a format in which there are no character animations, but rather vector shapes and photos are dynamically displayed on the screen with motion and rotation animations.

Infographic Animation

Infographics, whose popularity has increased several times over in recent years as people have become accustomed to working with large amounts of data, are preferred to summarize information with graphics that are memorable and easy to understand. In this technique, where infographics are animated, numerical expressions are transformed into eye-catching animation videos, such as reports, research results, and statistical tables.

2.5D Photo Animation

This format is mainly used for documentary content to convert old photos, historical documents, or two-dimensional images that are unlikely to be captured into 3D-like animations by splitting them into layers and combining them. If a company or brand has a long history, this is the most useful and impactful format to tell that story.

Logo and Corporate Identity Animation

It is the term used for all types of brand-related animations, such as entry and exit animations, lower third animations, explanation animations, and bulleted animations that are created to reflect the brand’s corporate identity in all other video content. These animations are not directly aired, but they are necessary to convey the brand in all other content.

Siu Digital offers the following animation film production services.

Our Animation Film Services

  • ZBrand Story Workshop
  • ZCompetitor and Market Analysis through Sample Animation Films
  • ZAnimation Film Script and Voiceover Text Writing
  • ZConcept Design and Storyboard Creation
  • ZProduction Plan and Operation Schedule Creation
  • ZIllustration and Animation Technical Team Provision
  • Z2D Animation Film Production
  • ZVoiceover Service with Voice Actors in Various Languages
  • ZCustom Sizing for Digital and Physical Broadcasting Channels
  • ZCustom Sizing for Event Watchouts or Exhibition Stands.

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