Digital Campaign Management

For a successful digital campaign, as with all other marketing campaigns, it is necessary to create a multi-faceted structure. The communication activity that a brand carries out simply by posting ads on social media or sharing prepared content does not fall under digital campaign management. Especially in today’s world where social media platforms support different types of content, brands aiming for a successful digital campaign need a multi-channel strategy that includes the production and distribution of content tailored to each platform.

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The biggest challenges in managing multi-channel digital campaigns include orchestrating the brand marketing team, creative agency, digital agency, media agency, and production company, as well as engaging multiple stakeholders, resulting in increased budgets. The budget allocated to digital campaign management, which may not be a top priority for the brand, is often shortchanged in such extensive collaboration, leading brands to settle for digital ad campaigns that do not achieve their goals. Video production companies that are capable of producing video may struggle to work on creative campaigns for the brand, creative agencies may struggle to create video content without video production companies they typically work with, and digital agencies may opt for projects based on bloated media budgets and social media ads rather than enhancing the campaign with high-quality and creatively enriched content.

Siu Digital provides all the services a brand needs for digital campaign management, leveraging existing human resources and expertise. Some of the services we offer our clients through our in-house teams are:

  • ZCreation of a Digital Marketing Plan
As Siu Digital advertising agency, we can create digital marketing goals in joint sessions with your marketing team that align with your marketing strategy and traditional marketing plan, and help you create the roadmap needed to achieve those goals.
  • ZChannel-Specific Content Creation and Distribution
With our content, design, and production teams, we can create different types of content such as creative copy, SEO-friendly content, graphic design, videos, and animations. As a technology company, we can also create many web applications and mobile apps ourselves thanks to our software department. As a result, you don’t need the assistance of another agency or production company to create content because we accommodate channel-specific visual and video dimensions, lengths, and contexts; create different creative to appeal to different audiences; and produce content that aligns with Inbound Marketing philosophies and conversion goals. We can publish this content to your social media accounts as well as blog-like web platforms.
  • ZInfluencer Marketing & Affiliate Marketing
In addition to the “Influencer Engagement Analysis” that we perform based on the content reach goals established as part of the digital campaign, we work with influencers who have high engagement in the targeted industries and schedule their promotions on behalf of the brand. We may also enter into affiliate marketing agreements with influencers or high-traffic websites and report the traffic generated by influencers or affiliate marketing agreements to demonstrate their contribution to our conversion goals.
  • ZCreative Work for Campaigns
We develop the creative idea required for digital campaign planning in a way that supports your marketing strategy and goals, working on all types of marketing messaging and visual/audio creations.
  • ZMedia Planning and Buying
With our experienced and knowledgeable performance marketing team, we list various buying options such as Native Ads, Sponsored Content, Social Media Ads, Search Engine Ads, In-App Ads or Display Ad Networks and help you choose the ones that best fit your marketing goals. With landing pages or form applications created by our software team, we can efficiently run lead generation campaigns and plan and execute the necessary purchases for content distribution needed for lead nurturing.
  • ZReporting and Analysis
Using our own and third-party reporting tools, we create reports on the impact achieved in the target channels and the resulting actions, and analyze how the results match our goals. We share our conclusions with you and submit improvement actions for your approval, which we implement once approved.

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