Brand Story and Storytelling

According to a study by OneSpot, 92% of consumers say they wouldn’t mind ads if brands told it like a story. Another research conducted by Headstream shows that 55% of consumers who enjoy brand stories are more likely to buy the product in the future, 44% share the story with others, and 15% make an immediate purchase.

How Will Brands Reach Consumers?

With rapid digitization and widespread use of the Internet, marketers continue to use a variety of methods to reach consumers. However, the increasing number of messages brands are trying to convey to consumers has also led to increasing advertising fatigue. Viewing advertising today has become a mixture of hate and annoyance. So, if consumers hate ads, how can brands reach them?

Of course, advertising and other forms of marketing communications will continue to be a means by which brands can reach their customers. But any communication activity that is not backed up with relevant content and context will fail to capture consumers’ attention. In short, consumers want to discover and choose brands that appeal to them and add value when they need it.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Consumers’ preference for a brand is based on the belief that they share the same values and find value in the brand that meets their needs. Therefore, consumers make decisions based on the image or perception of the brand that has been formed in their minds over a long period of time. The most effective way to consistently convey this brand perception is through effective Brand Storytelling. In marketing jargon, this is called Brand Storytelling, where consumers hear the same story and message repeatedly at every touch point with the brand.

When crafting a brand story, various aspects are considered, from the brand’s vision and mission statement that define its present and future, to the brand’s positioning relative to its competitors, to the brand’s founding and existence history, and its internal communication philosophy. In this respect, a brand story is successful when it is created through the collaboration of people who are familiar with the brand and have expertise in storytelling, and not just written by an advertising agency or an external party.

Brand Story Workshop Steps

At Siu Digital, we begin the process with a Brand Story and Storytelling Workshop with our clients to accurately convey the stories of the brands we serve in all of our content. The Brand Story Workshop consists of the following steps:

  • ZBrand Identity Assessment
  • ZExploration of the Elements of Brand Storytelling
  • ZCreation of a Brand Storytelling Flow
  • ZVisualization of the Story

Output and Services Obtained at the End of the Workshop

  • ZApproximately 3-hour workshop with the whole team, which will be a lot of fun
  • ZDelightful treats consisting of homemade cookies and fruit teas
  • ZBrand Story created using storytelling techniques inspired by globally renowned stories
  • ZUpdated Brand Identity Booklet

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