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The word “strategy” may conjure up the notion of “wasted effort and time” for many people involved in strategy development. However, the reality is this: Without a roadmap, any journey you take is limited to the vision and determination of the wind. In simpler terms, to determine how, by what actions, in what time frame, and to what extent you will achieve your goals, you must develop a strategy and make plans.

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Marketing is a widely misunderstood concept among the general public, primarily due to misconceptions, so it does not receive the attention it deserves. When we think of the familiar signs on apartment doors that say, “Marketers and peddlers are prohibited,” we immediately associate marketers with “direct salespeople.” However, according to the American Marketing Association’s definition, marketing is the activity, institutions, and processes for developing, communicating, delivering, and exchanging propositions that provide value to customers, buyers, stakeholders, and society as a whole. From this perspective, marketing is not just a corporate department, but a fundamental philosophy that involves developing and communicating propositions that add value to existing consumers and create new markets.

Marketing guru Philip Kotler defines marketing as “the science and art of discovering, creating, and delivering value to satisfy profitable target market needs” and emphasizes that marketing should determine the size and profit potential of the identified market, determine which segments the company can best serve, and design and promote appropriate products and services. In this regard, the Marketing Strategy is one of the most important tools that will provide you with the perspective on the market that you need for the existence and continued growth of your brand.

Strategy Development

Developing a digital marketing strategy requires a thorough understanding of marketing principles and experience with digital marketing practices. Even if your brand already has a marketing strategy that was developed for traditional channels, it cannot be directly applied to digital channels without adaptation.

Developing a marketing strategy specifically for digital marketing requires a comprehensive approach that includes various marketing and communication activities, such as social media communications, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, website and mobile app communications, and influencer marketing.

A Digital Marketing Strategy that encompasses a broad range of marketing and communications activities should answer the following questions: 

  • ZWhat are the goals I want to achieve with my brand?
  • ZWhich key performance indicators (KPIs) show the success of these goals?
  • ZWhich consumer target groups do I expect to prefer my brand? When do they have a need for my products or services?
  • ZWhat channels should I use to reach these target groups?
  • ZWhat types of content (written, visual, audio, interactive) should I include in these communication channels?
  • ZWhat messages do I want to convey to my target audience? How can I persuade them effectively?
  • ZWhat are the most effective types of content to deliver my brand message? Do these types match the content formats that are acceptable for the communication channels I use?

If you want a marketing strategy for your brand but do not know where to start, contact us.

Performance Marketing

Aside from content creation and distribution, Performance Marketing, the area where most of the budget in digital marketing goes, should be planned as part of Digital Marketing Strategy and not used with an uninformed perspective of “advertising on Google.”

When conducting performance marketing on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, it is crucial to pay attention to effective expenditure and ROI analysis and optimization. At this stage, the following activities should be carried out carefully.

Things to Consider When Implementing Performance Marketing

  • ZAdopting the growth-driven design (GDD) approach for your website
  • ZIdentifying, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing conversion goals
  • ZCalculating, comparing, and analyzing advertising costs and return on investment (ROI)
  • ZMonitoring and optimization of conversion rates (CRO)
  • ZIntegration and operation of marketing automation
  • ZDevelopment and tracking of remarketing campaigns and their impact on conversions
  • ZImplementing the Voice of the Customer (VOC) program and gathering feedback at every stage
  • ZEquipping the sales team with all types of feedback and sales enablement
  • ZPlanning lead nurturing workflows to optimize losses in the sales funnel

​Digital Marketing Strategy Services

At Siu Digital, we create Inbound Marketing focused Digital Marketing Strategies tailored to the goals of the brands we serve. Besides the aforementioned headings, we create a Digital Marketing Plan that outlines the steps for brands to achieve the most efficient conversions. Throughout the period we provide our services, we continuously update, optimize and improve the Digital Marketing Plan. The following services are included in our work on the Digital Marketing Strategy:

Workshop: Brand Story and

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Workshop: Customer Journey and Content Mapping

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Content Marketing Strategy
and Plan

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The Marketing Strategy Outputs and Services We Offer to Our Brands

  • ZTwo workshop sessions with your entire team, which will last about 6 hours
  • ZBrand Story and Brand Identity Booklet
  • ZCustomer Journey Map and Content Map for a Sample Persona
  • ZContent Marketing and Performance Marketing Strategy
  • ZContent Marketing Plan and Performance Marketing Consultation
  • ZLanding Page and Lead Generation
  • ZCampaign Consultancy and Operations

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