The Best in Its Industry: Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası Kitchen Academy

Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası, Turkiye’s most iconic lovemark, has taken steps to transfer the brand image it has created in our minds for over 60 years to the digital world and expand its presence in this area. The company has chosen Siu Digital as its digital agency.
  • RMarketing Strategy
  • RDigital Marketing
  • RVideo Production

Services We Provided

  • Marketing Strategy
  • ^Workshop: Brand Story and Storytelling
  • ^Workshop: Customer Journey and Content Mapping
  • ^Content Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • ^Social Media Management
  • ^Digital Campaign Management
  • ^Video Content Production
  • Video Production
  • ^Product Video
  • ^Animation Film
When we finished the first brand and content workshop, many possibilities emerged in the minds of the entire Siu crew: original content to be developed for Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası, a young and dynamic communication language, an omnichannel content strategy, and much more. The first step would be to create the Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası Kitchen Academy. After that, we tried to look at food videos, which are very popular on social media, from a different perspective. Thanks to the influencer-supported content marketing strategy, Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası received the most interactions in the industry and won awards.

Thanks to the influencer-supported content marketing strategy, Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası received the most interactions in the industry and won awards.

How We Started?

For a well-established brand like Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası, designing digital communications can be very risky. In order to add to the positive perception the brand has created through traditional media, the steps taken in the digital realm needed to be carefully planned.

As a result of the digital marketing strategy developed with the full support of the strong marketing team, the following results were expected from Siu Digital:

  • ZPreparation of the Digital Communication Strategy
  • ZDevelopment and operation of content for social media accounts
  • ZCreation of highly interactive games and campaigns for social media
  • ZEstablishment and operation of a studio in one of the factory buildings that includes the Kitchen and Academy areas
  • ZDevelopment of seasonal concepts for product and food videos to be created and support omnichannel communications by producing various content types
  • ZSupport organic content marketing by meeting with influencers in the food industry

What We Did?

  • ZWe developed a digital communications strategy and determined that video marketing would bring significant benefits to the brand.
  • ZWe leveraged the growth of IG TV and created a second channel for video content alongside YouTube that would drive results.
  • ZWe evaluated the organic reach generated by high interaction from GIF Games and gained a loyal audience with our original content.
  • ZWe laid the foundation for "Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası Mutfak Akademisi (Kitchen Academy)" by building a studio to meet all food video production needs, from prep rooms to backstage areas, from a single kitchen to an Academy kitchen.
  • ZWe made sure our content reflected the brand values and generated high interaction by matching the content concepts that followers like with the brand's requirements.
  • ZWe worked to develop organic content marketing by meeting with influencers who could engage the target audience.
  • ZWe worked meticulously on every detail of the content, from writing the scripts to selecting the chefs and actors, from matching the recipes to the product lineup to writing recipes supported by seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • ZWe shot at least two videos every week in the studio and shared many great memories with our brand, our chefs, and our guests.
  • ZWe worked for days in the post-production rooms to produce videos in sizes, lengths and styles that worked for our omnichannel content strategy.
  • ZOnce we had our content distribution strategy spread across yearly, monthly, and weekly calendars, we worked to achieve high interaction by scheduling our broadcast times throughout the day.
  • ZWe sought to increase interaction with our audience through knowledge contests, award-winning campaigns, and special projects focused on that day.


  • ZWithin a year, our YouTube channel reached 8 million views and exceeded 40,000 subscribers. Our follower count on Facebook reached 260,000, while on Instagram we reached 50,000 followers. The engagement rates for our content on the various social media platforms rose to as much as 70%.
  • ZOur blog with recipes and valuable information,, has recorded over 500,000 visitors since its launch.
  • ZAccording to the Türkiye Social Media Brand Index, Nuh'un Ankara Makarnası brand was among the top 100 brands in 2020.
  • ZAt the Social Media Awards Türkiye, we won the "Silver" award in the staple food category for Data Analytics in 2019 and the "Gold" award in the same category in 2020.
  • ZNuh'un Ankara Makarnası Kitchen Academy hosted around 100 people and turned our events into a campaign that made waves in the industry. Not only food enthusiasts and white-collar professionals but also participants in our social responsibility project workshops had the unique opportunity to engage directly with the brand. This curated experience created truly special memories for all participants. Project publications were distributed by relevant foundations and private institutions.
  • ZÇocukça Tarifler (Children's Recipes) concept was created to help children become familiar with healthy foods, spend time with their families, and develop their five senses. This campaign, launched as part of "Çocukça Tarifler," became one of the most interesting contents of 2019, with hundreds of families participating by preparing meals at home with their children and showing their support for the campaign on social media.
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