ÖSYM Internal Communication Animation Videos

The Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), which is responsible for evaluating and selecting applicants for higher education programs and placing them in their preferred programs, commissioned Siu Digital to create the animation training videos it will use for its internal training sessions.

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Services We Provided

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ÖSYM, which uses state-of-the-art technology to conduct centralized examinations involving millions of people, follows the principle that examinations must be conducted in a fair and safe manner, without any doubts from the public. In this context, an effective training solution was needed to properly and effectively explain the duties and responsibilities of the people who participate in the exams conducted by the institution and to avoid potential problems that could arise. This solution also needed to be easily adaptable to changing exam guidelines. In addition, the institution’s staff needed to receive this comprehensive training quickly and easily through easy-to-understand visual materials.

How We Started?

The first step was to understand the technologies used by ÖSYM, the organizer of the important centralized exams in Turkey, and the exam processes to ensure the safety of the exams. According to the project objectives, the constructed scenario had to be easy to understand, include all phases of the exam, and be personalized. Considering all these requirements, we decided to produce animated videos for ÖSYM’s educational needs and started the preparations. 

What We Did?

Within the scope of the animation training videos that we have created to ensure that each examiner understands their responsibilities and that the exam processes can be effectively explained to them, the services we provide can be listed as follows:

  • ZWe made the scenarios provided by the institution more vivid and suitable for animation.
  • ZWe created synchronized editing for understanding each step.
  • ZWe created storyboard studies for each scenario.
  • ZWe supported the videos with a voice-over narrative.
  • ZWe enriched the voice-over narrative with typographic expressions.
In addition to all these technical preparations, we used the simplest possible language and animation style to ensure that the examiners understood their tasks as best as possible. For communication language, we chose a style that was direct and conveyed responsibility. For the voice-over, we used a soft and friendly tone to make the hierarchical narration more relaxed.


Our animation videos created for the fair, error-free, and secure organization of central exams have been viewed by over 1 million examiners and accessed more than 700,000 times in total. Result:
  • ZA decrease in complaints filed with CIMER (Presidential Communication Center)
  • ZA decrease in breaches of duty
  • ZA decrease in error rates caused by examiners' lack of information
In addition, examiners’ difficulties in understanding the regulations through reading have been eliminated. The positive feedback from examiners has once again proven the functionality of our videos.
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