In Search of the Flavors of the Ancient World: Uncovering Project

As part of the Turkish Museums Project, which introduces our country’s cultural tourism values to the international public and has become popular with its followers through topical content, we have prepared an exciting new documentary series that invites a wide audience to discover Türkiye’s rich cultural heritage. We have dusted off the pages of history and unearthed the stories of ancient civilizations and the forgotten flavors of their culinary traditions, all against the backdrop of the archaeological sites where these civilizations flourished and thrived.
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The Turkish Museums Project, which has successfully promoted the profiles of nearly 400 museums and archaeological sites through its web portal and social media accounts in collaboration with the GoTürkiye Project, has become one of the largest tourism communication channels in our country over the past two years. In order to reach a wider audience and provide the project’s loyal followers with the opportunity to discover Türkiye and better understand the potential of cultural tourism in our country, an innovative and engaging documentary series titled “Uncovering” was conceived for the ever-evolving landscape of social media channels. This series aims to highlight the changing dynamics and offer new perspectives on Türkiye’s rich cultural heritage.
The documentary project entitled “Uncovering” refers to the broad meaning of the word, carried by the idea of “blowing away the dust of history to reveal hidden secrets”,” and aims to illustrate that at the heart of daily life there are many stories waiting to be discovered, hidden between the pages of books. Starting from the fact that Türkiye, known for its gastronomic richness, has preserved the culinary cultures of many civilizations over thousands of years, political, cultural, and economic history has been linked to culinary culture. Obscure stories and ancient recipes, some of which are still practiced in slightly modified form in modern kitchens, have been brought together.

As part of the Turkish Museums Project, a selection of museums and archaeological sites has been made to effectively promote these areas and breathe new life into the original recipes of their former inhabitants.

We filmed at 17 different archaeological sites across the country and produced a 34-part video series titled “Uncovering the History” and “Uncovering the Tastes.” The documentary was created entirely in English with commentary by a traveling chef fluent in the language. At each archaeological site, we shot two segments: one that introduces the site and tells forgotten stories, along with current information about excavations and restoration, and the other that recreates a taste beloved by the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the site. During the production of this series, we set up an authentic mobile kitchen at the archaeological sites and prepared all the dishes using original methods and ingredients to ensure that the cultural heritage was not compromised. We posted our documentaries on the social media accounts of Turkish Museums to introduce our cultural heritage to a wide audience.

How We Started?

As the driving force behind the Turkish Museums Project, which has been successfully advancing cultural tourism communications since 2020, Siu Crew recognized the need to expand the project’s reach and communicate Türkiye’s culture and history to an even wider audience. From this point of view, the results we expected were as follows:
  • ZDevelop a concept for the presentation of Turkish culture and history and select a presenter to act as the face of this series.
  • ZEstablishing a nationwide operation to capture video and photo content and then preparing these materials for publication.
  • ZDeveloping a Digital Communication Strategy.
  • ZCreating content to accompany the series for social media accounts, developing cross-platform strategies, and managing operations.

What We Did?

  • ZAs part of the internationally recognized Turkish Museums project, the Uncovering series was conceived, produced, and published entirely in English.
  • ZExtensive academic research was conducted in the pre-production phase to develop the concept and script, which included collaboration with excavation directors, academics, and experts.
  • ZThe process of identifying the tastes and eating habits of the era, as well as the original presentation style and materials, was conducted in consultation with specialists.
  • ZThe scripts for the 34 episodes filmed as part of the project were carefully written by Siu Digital's team of experts.
  • ZNumerous people with experience in international projects were carefully considered in the selection of the narrator. Siu Crew took care of all the necessary preparations for the selected narrator in terms of art and accessories.
  • ZThe determination of the kitchen and special equipment to be used in the shooting of the video series, as well as their scheduled production and procurement, were carried out by Siu Crew.
  • ZThe results of the project were carefully planned, with video content produced and released in formats tailored to the dynamics of each active social media platform.
  • ZA special broadcast schedule was created for the documentary, which included accompanying content and blog posts about the series that were published on the website and social media.
  • ZA performance marketing strategy was developed to reach a broader audience, and promotional campaigns were run to ensure the content reached more people.


The “Uncovering” video series, presented in two different formats, “Uncovering Tastes” and “Uncovering the History,” aroused the interest of both those curious about culinary cultures and those who want to explore the hidden traces of history, thus drawing attention to the Turkish Museums project.
  • \As part of the "Uncovering" series, 34 episodes were filmed and released in 17 different locations.
  • \The released episodes were supported by weekly social media content and blog posts that offered in-depth introductions to each region.
  • \Joint releases were made with the GoTürkiye platform, which enabled the mutual promotion of two major projects.
  • \The Turkish Museums' main social media account, Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts, saw an increase in follower numbers and engagement rates.
  • \The content was also displayed on LED screens by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • \For the enthusiastic followers of the Uncovering series, an interactive workshop was organized as part of the Capital Culture Route events. The "Taste of History" workshop was held at the Roman Baths in Ankara on October 15 and 16, 2022, and delighted the participants.
  • \The documentaries showcased Türkiye's potential in cultural tourism alongside traditional sea, beach, and sun tourism and led to the decision to continue the Uncovering project in the following years with different themes and content.
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