From Safety Videos for Airlines to Accident Prevention in Agriculture: Conscious Farmer – Safe Agriculture 

The history of the concept of social responsibility begins with the growing conviction that the profit-oriented production of brands should also protect society and, basically, humanity. Thus, if there is no consumption, production loses its meaning. In line with this philosophy, the Conscious Farmer Safe Agriculture Movement was developed not only as a brand communication project but with the sole aim of reducing accidents in agriculture, was conceived and implemented by Siu Digital, from nomenclature to concept design.
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Services We Provided?

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As the clear leader in the Turkish tractor market with the New Holland and Case IH brands, TürkTraktör, which also focuses on the problems and needs of Turkish farmers, decided to develop a project to raise awareness among farmers and prevent accidents, as the number of deaths and disabilities caused by accidents in agriculture is high. The process, which continued with detailed planning, creation of comprehensive content, and successful implementation in the field, was met with great interest from farmers. As a result, the efforts did not go unrewarded, and the “Conscious Farmer – Safe Agriculture Movement” won first place in the “Contribution to the Environment and Society” category of the “Most Successful Koç Employees Awards” competition organized by Koç Holding companies in 2018.

How We Started?

The agricultural sector is one of the most important production sectors in Türkiye, accounting for almost 40% of total employment, and is one of the most important components of our economy. Tractors, the main actors of mechanization in agriculture, are operated by users who have learned the rules of operation from their ancestors or their environment. These tractor operators often operate based on hearsay information and may lack the necessary awareness. Accidents occur frequently, especially in agricultural fields, due to users’ momentary inattention or lack of knowledge about how to operate tractors and equipment. These accidents are not only to the detriment of tractor drivers, but also to their colleagues, relatives, and even ordinary motorists who use the same roads as tractors. A significant number of these accidents end fatally, while many others result in permanent injuries and disabilities. In summary, our farmers’ lack of awareness of how to use tractors and farm equipment is a national problem that should not be ignored.

For this reason, it was decided to launch the “Conscious Farmer – Safe Agriculture Movement” with the aim of raising awareness among farmers and all tractor users about safe driving and creating a safe environment for all.

When Turkish Tractor officials contacted us to discuss the idea, we were excited not only to create content but also to contribute to social awareness and add value to the lives of our farmers. Our initial idea was to raise awareness among farmers through informative content on a digital education platform. Before that, however, we needed to launch an attention-grabbing campaign to make farmers aware of this need.

What We Did ?

At the beginning of the project, it seemed unlikely that farmers who are disadvantaged in terms of digital literacy, device proliferation, and Internet access could be educated through digital content. However, our field research and audience analysis revealed that farmers, particularly on YouTube and Facebook, were conducting searches with sets of questions and watching video content that corresponded to these keyword groups. Thus, a method was found: Video content presented in language and tone that would appeal to farmers had the potential to be effective on YouTube and Facebook. The target audience reached by this video content could be attracted to the educational platform through reward and gift policies.

To capture the attention of the target audience, the most successful film examples available were airline safety videos. When we examined the safety videos of various airlines around the world, it became clear how we would reflect the use of tractors and important points. The only difference between these videos shown after boarding an airplane and the videos we would prepare was that our videos had to be viewed before boarding a tractor. Therefore, before airing these videos, the project strategy and communication plan had to be carefully prepared.

We began the strategy development process by defining the production and operational elements. After clarifying the project duration and budget, the project plan was created based on the daily routine and seasonal needs of the farmers and translated into a schedule. For example, it was clear that farmers would not be interested in or able to participate in training during times when they were already very busy, such as during harvest and seeding. On the other hand, training near the summer months, when accidents increase, would produce quick results, at least in terms of preventing accidents in the current year.

In this way, and with these data, we provided the following services:
  • ZDefining the traditional and digital communication strategy, name and brand identity of the project after market research, competitor analysis, and reviews
  • ZCreating the communication plan for the project and development of informative content and promotional materials
  • ZProduction processes, including script writing, concept development, cast selection, set-up, video shootings, and post-production of video content
  • ZAll animation work, including motion tracking, two-dimensional kinetic typographic animation, and motion graphics for videos.


The first step of our Conscious Farmer – Safe Agriculture Movement, which began with the slogan “Accidents are not our destiny,” was a digital contest we organized on social media that ran for 9 weeks. In total, more than 11,500 people participated in this contest. Considering that 90% of the participants were tractor owners and 93% were licensed tractor users, we confirmed that we could reach the target audience through these channels. When 55% of the participants expressed a desire to undergo driver safety training, we took action and the second phase of the project began.

After talking to the target group about the language used in the informative videos, we received very interesting data: Farmers felt that the narrator should be a child. Following the motto “The kid does it!” they believed that a film with cute children would attract attention. This perception became a reality and led us to success. After we prepared the films with adult and young actors, they were aired on agriculture-oriented television channels and social media. As a result, more than 20,000 farmers participated in Conscious Farmer – Safe Agriculture Training through digital channels and in the field. According to 2018 data from TUIK, accident, and fatality rates were found to have significantly decreased in the regions where the training was conducted. We would be glad if we were able to make a contribution!

Finally, in 2018, we worked hard to prepare for the “Most Successful Koç Employees” competition among Koç Group companies, and our efforts paid off here as well. The Conscious Farmer – Safe Agriculture Movement took first place in the “Environment and Community Value Creators” category, proving its success not only in practice but also within the Koç Group.

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