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Household electric appliances are our favorite gift choice for friends who have recently moved into their new homes, our last-minute saviors on special occasions, and our helpers in our homes, especially during the pandemic when we spent most of our time indoors. But what does it take to become the preferred brand for electric home appliances? Fakir Home Appliances had the answer: working with Siu Digital to produce product videos.
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When it comes to buying household electrical appliances, factors such as quality, price, and design are likely to influence our choice. However, the situation is more complex than that. We would like to share with you an important insight into the Turkish household electrical appliances market: “Results show that companies with high customer satisfaction, strong brand image, and high brand awareness have higher brand loyalty compared to other brands” (Kaya et al., 2017). With this in mind, Fakir Home Appliances, a brand that has established itself as a pioneer and innovator in the industry since entering the Turkish market and has introduced superior German technology to consumers in 80 countries, wanted to improve its brand image in Türkiye. To achieve this goal, the company decided to create product videos with us.

How We Started?

Fakir wanted to highlight and promote products such as stand mixers and robotic vacuum cleaners, which were increasingly used in households during the pandemic. With this in mind, product launch films were needed that would engage the target audience, communicate product features to a wide audience through performance marketing and purchases, and capture attention through their dynamic nature. Creating a film in which consumers would recognize the product from the first second was critical to achieving the impact the company wanted.

After a competitive analysis and review of similar examples by Siu Digital’s strategy team, a format was determined: The videos were to be shot in a home environment using only handheld cameras, and the informative content was to be inserted into the videos using a motion-tracking technique with two-dimensional animations. In this way, it was possible to create silent content suitable for display on social media without external sound, and in less than 90 seconds, the key features of the product could be communicated to potential customers.

What We Did?

The production process began with strategic planning. First, the products and the target audience of users were studied. Based on this target audience, features to be highlighted were identified in consultation with the brand’s marketing team. Key scenes to effectively showcase the device features were then determined and a storyboard was created. The filming location and actors were then selected.

Once the location was selected, special attention was paid to the backdrop and decor, as it was important to portray the target audience’s areas of use. The selected filming locations included various scenarios, including open kitchens and multi-story living rooms, to visually appeal to and engage the target audience. It was also decided to include scenes in these locations to demonstrate the smooth operation of the products.

Before film production began, all the details that needed to be taken into account in post-production were determined, such as the lighting conditions on location and the use of matte materials to avoid surface glare that would interfere with motion capture. Since the product and its functions must be clearly presented in the product videos, all necessary precautions were taken to ensure that both the artistic and explanatory scenes were made as effective as possible.

When evaluating the pre-production, production, and post-production phases, the services provided can be listed as follows:
  • ZCompetition and market analysis, writing the script and creating the storyboard
  • ZSelection of actors, acquisition of locations, construction of sets and decoration work
  • ZProcurement of camera, equipment, and crew, and filming
  • ZEditing, color correction and music arrangement
  • ZAnimation work, including motion tracking, two-dimensional kinetic typographic animation, and motion graphics


Product videos have become very important for brands, especially with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping habits, especially during the pandemic. They have started to play a crucial role in consumer preferences. In this context, it’s worth taking a look at some statistics about product videos and video marketing:
  • ZMore than half of marketers prefer to spend their budget on video content related to products.
  • Z55% of consumers use videos to make purchasing decisions.
  • ZWebsite visitors who watch product videos are 73% more likely to make a purchase.
  • Z92% of marketers who use videos believe they're an important part of their marketing strategies.
  • Z71% of consumers prefer videos over other marketing content.

With this information in mind, product videos produced by Siu Digital were posted on both social media channels and Fakir Home Appliances’ e-commerce website ( Following the success of the initial videos with high views and engagement rates, our collaboration with the Fakir brand continued to grow and an agreement was reached to produce new video content.

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