Environmentally Friendly Agriculture is Possible: The Case of Erkunt Traktör

Erkunt Traktör, one of Türkiye’s leading companies in the agricultural sector, has taken an environmentally friendly approach by starting to produce diesel engines that meet the new emission standards. Under the Kyoto Protocol, of which Türkiye is a member, Erkunt Traktör has switched to Stage 3B and Stage 4 engine technologies, which are the world standards in the fight against global warming and climate change. With their newly developed engines that fully comply with current standards and have lower emission levels, Erkunt Traktör relied on Siu Digital to create an original and effective 3D animated promotional video. This video will communicate the company’s eco-friendly focus to construction equipment manufacturers, industry representatives, competitors, and generator manufacturers.
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Services We Provided

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  • ^Animation
The Kyoto Protocol, to which Türkiye is also a party, is of great importance worldwide in combating global warming and climate change. Based on the standards introduced by the Protocol, Erkunt ECAPRA ENGINE was designed as an environmentally friendly technology with Stage 3B and Stage 4 engine technologies. Our goal was to properly represent this “greener” technology. We also needed to emphasize that ECAPRA ENGINE is more efficient and powerful. Not only were we promoting one of the best practices of next-generation technology, but this film was also important to remind us of our responsibility to nature. So, above all, we needed a “strategic approach.”

How We Started?

It is not so easy to explain a technical subject like engine technology in a way that everyone understands. A technical and mechanical narrative could bore the audience and possibly reduce the impact of our messages. Therefore, it was necessary to introduce our product in detail and explain how the engine works and its benefits in a simple but descriptive way. With this in mind, after researching the product and our target audience, we decided on a three-dimensional (3D) animation film.

What We Did?

In order to make the project understandable to the target group and effectively communicate Erkunt Traktör’s environmentally friendly engine technology, we provided the following services:
  • ZConversion of the extensive CAD-CAM files into animation-ready formats.
  • ZAnimation of rotating and sliding parts.
  • ZSimulation of technical rooms and explosion chambers.
  • ZTexture and material preparation.
  • ZLighting and environment modeling.
  • ZPreparation of rendering work.
In the production of the 3D animation promotional film, we focused on creating designs that highlight next-generation engine technologies and their “greener” aspects in motion. While highlighting the technological advantages of our product, we did not neglect to emphasize its environmentally friendly features.


Erkunt’s ECAPRA ENGINE promotional film, which was created in both Turkish and English, was released on social media platforms. After the launch, our promotional film reached 496,000 thousand people on Facebook, 427,000 thousand on Instagram, and 27,000 thousand on LinkedIn, which is at the center of the business world. The film received many likes and comments, which makes us and our brand proud. The film, which shows that more efficient and powerful engine technology can be combined with an environmentally friendly approach, has successfully brought another step in protecting our planet to a wider audience and reminded the manufacturing sector of its duties and responsibilities in the fight against climate change.

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