Enhancing Quality in Event Videos: TEDxMETU Case

TEDx, known not only as one of the world’s leading organizers of knowledge events but also as a prominent publisher of event videos, sometimes experienced video quality that fell short of expectations, especially for events in Türkiye. That is, until TEDx met Siu Digital.

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Middle East Technical Uniersity (ODTÜ/METU), known as one of the strongest brands in the international academic world in our country, stands out not only for its educational quality, but also for its captivating campus, social facilities, and events organized by the student communities. METU students, who organize events of outstanding quality that can rival professionals, preferred to collaborate with professionals to support their amateur spirit in producing digital content. In 2018, we had the privilege of producing all the event videos for TEDxMETU, an event organized by METU students.

“Siu Digital, with their warm-hearted team and sincere approach, became our teammates who followed our project as if it were their own. Throughout the process, they focused on what we wanted, understood us very well, and delivered solutions that took us a step further. In the process, they made us feel like we were part of the same team.”

How We Started?

The METU Research and Development Community, which has been organizing TEDxMETU events at the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) since 2016, was aware that the most important impact of TED events is in the follow-up phase, namely the event videos. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied with the quality of the video footage they commissioned for their first two events. They were also shocked to find that the ambient lighting they had prepared to create an atmosphere during the event completely overwhelmed the video (if you have ever felt like ants were crawling on the screen, that’s exactly what it means). If not using lighting was necessary to produce a high quality video, it would greatly affect the quality of the event, and if attendees watch the event in bright light, it would jeopardize the next event. On the other hand, the decor they were using was no longer used at any of the major events they had researched and looked quite dated even to them. In short, they were looking for a way to improve the video quality without compromising the show lighting, and to find a solution that would turn the stage into a visual spectacle instead of using the previous decoration.

What We Did?

At the first meeting with our young friends, whom we considered passionately committed and more than professionals, we gave them two pieces of good news:
1. It is entirely possible to improve video quality with effective, cinematic stage lighting. But to do so, you need to work with experienced lighting and staging professionals, not ordinary teams and equipment.
2. Indoor screens LED, which can be used on stage, can create the desired dynamics without compromising video quality. In addition, the animations you create will provide a real visual spectacle and atmosphere that will allow you to convey your message much more effectively.
Following this approach, we teamed up for the project and got to work. Before and on the day of the event, we provided the following services:
  • ZWe surveyed the venue, took lighting and exposure measurements, and determined the lighting setup that would be installed the day of the event.
  • ZWe planned the control room and camera staging for the event, believing that video recording with 5 cameras and a Jimmy Jib would be visually beneficial and that real-time control would greatly help us in post-production.
  • ZWe replaced the previous year's decor with digital screens and prepared background animations for the event that were compatible with the 4K watchout screens and ran in an integrated flow.
  • ZThe event was recorded with 3 fixed cameras, 1 action camera, 1 steadicam, and 1 Jimmy Jib. All the direction work was done by Siu Digital crew.
  • ZOn the day of the event, in addition to the stage and audience lighting required for video production, show lighting was also installed so that the visual show was not compromised. Thanks to the animations on the screens, the audience's attention was always focused on the action, and attendance increased throughout the event.

The quality of the videos from the TEDxMETU 2018 “Value X” event has been significantly improved. The videos, posted on the TEDx Talks YouTube channel with nearly 30 million subscribers, received nearly 1 million views.


  • ZThe quality of the videos from the TEDxMETU 2018 "Value X" event has been significantly improved. The videos, posted on the TEDx Talks YouTube channel with nearly 30 million subscribers, received nearly 1 million views.
  • ZThe videos we produced stood out on the platform because they had no lighting issues and the event background, speakers' faces, and audience appeared equally bright and clear, unlike other independent TED event videos.
  • ZThanks to the visual animations and proper lighting, TEDxMETU 2018 was recognized as the most impressive event organized by Middle East Technical University student communities in the last five years.
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