Covid-19 Measures on the Way Back to Work: A Successful Internal Communication Case from OYAK

As we have moved from times when we did not even know the meaning of the pandemic to times when we are well versed in viral mutations, it is obvious that many things have changed in our lives. In addition to the measures taken, individual and corporate efforts to manage this process with the least possible damage are crucial, including for brands. With this in mind, OYAK, which planned the return of many employees who had to work from home due to the pandemic COVID-19 in early 2020, decided to collaborate with Siu Digital in the production of video content.
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OYAK, one of the largest business groups in Türkiye, was at the forefront of the organizations that took active measures during the pandemic, with its human resources policies that prioritized the health and safety of workers and employees in various sectors. Like everyone else, at the beginning of the pandemic, all types of employees who worked from home had begun to return to work as the normalization process moved toward the summer. Now another question arose: how should the measures to deal with this continuing threat be planned and effectively communicated to the thousands of employees who were to return to normal life? The answer to this problem was clear: with animation films produced by Siu Digital!

How We Started?

Although the development of the document “COVID-19 Measures to Be Implemented by OYAK Employees” began shortly after the concept of “Return to Work after the Pandemic” was created, we knew that it would not be easy to create a video in a common language that could be shown to the entire employee hierarchy. With a short video, it was important not only to clearly present the measures, but also to ensure that the video would be continuously viewed by audiences with varying levels of attention and encourage viewers to take all recommended precautions.

After listening to the brand’s expectations, we worked diligently on many details, from determining the type of content to create to converting the existing text into a video voiceover script. After deciding on the two-dimensional motion graphics technique as the style for the video production, we decided to incorporate the cut-out technique to allow the staff to identify themselves by adding two-dimensional characters and small character animations to the film. To this end, we created two different versions of the animation film for two different audiences. One version was created without factory or production scenes for white-collar office workers, and the other version contained all the scenes for blue-collar workers in these fields.

What We Did?

After deciding on the style of the video production, we set about creating the characters and scenes. In the style we chose, vector illustration, we created two blue-collar and two white-collar worker figures, one male and one female, to keep the concept of gender equality. We designed different scenes that covered all areas, from the vehicles employees use on their way from home to the office, to stairs, to building entrances, and from offices to factories and production areas. By placing main and secondary characters, we created a storyboard.

Once the characters and scenes were prepared for animation, we began animating the scenes according to the pace of the voiceover script. Throughout the process of creating the storyboards and basic animation, we worked closely with OYAK officials and obtained approvals at all intermediate stages to ensure efficient progress. After preparing the character and scene animations, the flow was completed by adding opening, closing, and cover animations. Finally, the audio was mixed, including background music to underscore the voiceover and foley work in concert with the animation, and the video was completed.

In evaluating the pre-production, production, and post-production phases, the services provided can be listed as follows:
  • ZCompetitor and market analysis, voiceover script implementation and storyboard creation
  • ZCharacter design for use not only in the film, but also in printed information materials and signposts
  • ZScene and environment designs in vector illustration style
  • ZAll animation work, including two-dimensional kinetic typographic animation, cut-out animation, opening, closing, and cover animation, and motion graphics
  • ZVoiceover recording in Turkish with a narrator, sound mixing including background music and foley
  • ZCreation of two separate versions of the animation film for white-collar and blue-collar workers


Many of us had encountered “global pandemics” in history books or documentaries. But none of us knew what it would mean to live in the midst of a pandemic by 2020. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, we were all shaken. The most shaken, but also the quickest to adapt to the changing conditions, was once again the business world. Life went on, and it had to, but with a completely new order… Whereas the working from home (WFH) era left pandemic measures largely to the discretion of the individual, the “new normal and reopening” made it imperative to take internal company measures and to communicate those measures effectively to all employees. A prerequisite was that employees buy into the measures to safely maintain business operations. Therefore, we created the animation film “Covid-19 Measures on the Way Back to Work” especially for OYAK to raise awareness among employees at all levels to prevent and contain the spread of the virus, ensure healthy business operations, and create a healthy work environment. In our animation film, we not only explained the measures but also raised awareness among all employees through effective storytelling and paved the way for a safe return to work. With our animation film, we achieved the following results:
  • ZThe animation film "Covid-19 Measures on the Way Back to Work" was viewed by more than 35,000 OYAK members.
  • ZA 90% success rate was achieved in raising awareness about the internal pandemic and infection prevention methods.
  • ZThe measures mentioned in our animation film were implemented within the organization and employees were encouraged to follow the measures.
  • ZThe organization's awareness of the pandemic and infection prevention measures was effectively communicated to employees and all stakeholders.
  • ZThe animation film continues to be posted on internal screens so that new employees and visitors coming to OYAK can consider the measures to ensure healthy operations.
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