Hiring Process

Application and Pre-Assessment

This is the first phase of our hiring process. Each applicant who submits their application will be considered for a pre-assessment. This phase is limited to a maximum of 3 weeks, depending on the number of employees needed for each open position. Applicants who meet all or most of the required qualifications for that position will be selected for the next stage. Applicants who do not qualify during this stage will receive negative feedback via email.

Introductory Interview

In the second stage, selected applicants will be contacted by phone to introduce themselves and schedule an interview. If deficiencies are identified in these applicants’ application materials, they may be asked to provide the missing information. Following this stage, applicants will receive an informational email about the interview.

Sample Case Study

For successful applicants in the pre-assessment, a case study may be requested to measure their knowledge, production speed, or creative perspective. In this case, applicants will be informed during the Introductory Interview. The case study must be submitted on the same day or within a specified time frame.

Applicants who are unsuccessful on the case study will receive negative feedback via email. Successful applicants will advance to the next stage.

Competency Assessment Interview

According to the established interview schedule, the first interview with the applicant is conducted in person or via video conference. The HR manager and the relevant department manager may conduct the interview separately or together. Applicants who are unsuccessful at this stage will receive negative feedback via email. Successful applicants move on to the final stage.

Final Interviews and Sending the Offer Letter

The final interview is a phase in which the HR manager or the relevant department head makes a general evaluation of the applicant (based on the case study and the competency assessment). Applicants who do not meet the general evaluation criteria will receive negative feedback via email stating the reasons. Successful applicants will receive an offer letter and have 1 day to respond. If the applicant’s response is positive, the onboarding process is initiated.
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