The Story of a Turkish Brand Dominating Space: Türksat Video Content

Türksat, with its satellite technology, is a giant that facilitates our communication with the world. Türksat is also a pioneering and leading brand in the field of information technology, cable television and satellite technology in its region. Türksat and Siu Digital crossed paths with an animation film that would effectively explain how the Türksat Project Management Office works. After the initial collaboration, Türksat commissioned Siu Digital to produce various commercials and explainer videos in different animation techniques, including corporate promotional films for Türksat, as well as projects such as Türksat 4B Satellite, Türksat Bilişim, and Belgenet.
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Services We Provided

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In addition to films with technical explanations aimed at end users, such as the installation of satellite dishes, content was also created to appeal to the target audience, such as the film “Like A Bee,” which uses storytelling techniques to explain how the Project Management Office works. The three-dimensional space concept and satellite models were developed specifically for the Türksat corporate promo film to effectively emphasize Türksat’s stance and positioning in comparison to the films of its global competitors. In the further course, these films, which were broadcast at all trade fairs and events, proved to be impressive in presenting Türksat’s access possibilities and global impact through satellite technologies in an understandable way.

How We Started?

Türksat, positioned as the powerhouse behind not only satellite, communication, and cable services, but also behind significant projects such as e-government and contributes to our country’s technological ecosystem through various IT projects. Beyond brand communications, it was critical to effectively communicate all of these contributions to corporate partnerships and international diplomacy. When developing content, it is critical to consider global collaborations, showcase advances in domestic and national production, maintain sensitivity to the messages conveyed, and ensure that the language of communication is consistent with international trends. To create content in a sustainable model that met these principles, Türksat sought an agency capable of producing digital content for corporate communications.

With this perspective in mind, Türksat teamed up with Siu Digital in 2012 to create its digital content for corporate communications. We mainly used two- and three-dimensional animation techniques in the video content, which was developed in collaboration with various departments and workgroups within Türksat, such as Türksat Project Management Office, Türksat Informatics, Türksat Satellite, and Türksat Corporate Communications. After we received the brief for the film ewquired, we started with a competitor and market analysis. We wanted to stay away from similar styles and examples of competitors, while identifying the strengths of our services that we could express more strongly based on observations of competitors’ communication methods. After determining the messages to be conveyed, we developed the script and voice-over texts, after which we decided on the animation technique that would be used to create the videos.

What We Did?

Once we had determined the style of the video production, we moved on to the object and scene designs. These designs were created using a variety of techniques, including illustration, two-dimensional vector drawing, and photo manipulation, all of which were consistent with the chosen concepts. To create the space atmosphere, which was particularly important for Türksat, we had to model the Earth and Türksat satellites in three dimensions and create the space environment, which gave us a unique experience. Following the basic designs, before we entered the animation production phase, we created storyboards by placing the designed scenes and supporting elements according to the chosen style for each film.

Once the approvals were obtained and the scenes were prepared for animation, the animations for each scene were created in Turkish and English in accordance with the voice-over. Effective communication with Türksat officials and obtaining approvals at each intermediate stage ensured that the intended messages were conveyed as effectively as possible throughout the process. After preparing the animations and adding background music to be used with the voiceover, as well as the sound mix, which included noises that matched the animation, our animation content was completed.

When evaluating the pre-production, production, and post-production phases, the services provided for each animation film can be listed as follows:

Competition and market analysis, script writing, voice-over script creation, and storyboard creation
Designs for various two- or three-dimensional scenes, environments, characters, and objects
All animation work, including three-dimensional animation, two-dimensional kinetic typography animation, cut-out animation and motion graphics
Voiceover in Turkish and English by a narrator, including background music and foley, and sound mixing


Gaziantep, the sixth largest city in Türkiye, which has been the pride of many civilizations, invigorates the Turkish economy with its production, seduces the world with its cuisine that is on the gastronomy list of UNESCO, and continues to grow with new projects, is now a very special region for us as well. The cooperation between Siu Digital and GASKİ included the production of the film about the Düzbağ Project, in which the necessity of the Düzbağ Project and the different phases of the project are explained in detail, the film about the Regulator, which describes the period until the regulator is put into operation, the film about the Water Treatment Plant, presenting the water purification plant according to the specific technical requirements, as well as dozens of videos posted on social media and the creation of the GASKİ corporate website, have been a long-lasting and great experience for us in terms of effectively communicating such a large-scale project to the public.
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