The Story of a City’s Journey to Access Water: Gaziantep Düzbağ Project and GASKI

We have all heard the phrase “spring quality water,” but few of us know the meaning of ‘memba’ and ‘mansap’. Most of us have only seen the word memba, which means the beginning of a river, in movies. It stands for water that has not been polluted by external influences, regardless of its environment. Thus, we all dream of drinking this crystal clear, irresistibly delicious water to our heart’s content. Gaziantep, one of the 10 largest provinces in Türkiye, recently had the pleasure of experiencing such pristine water, and the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality partnered with Siu Digital to tell this story.
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Gaziantep Water and Sewerage Administration, which provides water and wastewater services with an efficient, effective, high quality and uninterrupted service approach, prioritizing the environment and public health, needed to effectively communicate to the public its goals, services, and activities regarding the efficient and effective use of water as a life-giving resource. Due to rapid population growth, especially from Syrian refugees, the water supply from existing sources in Gaziantep was no longer sufficient. The Düzbağ project, Türkiye’s largest drinking water project to date, needed to be accurately communicated to the people of Gaziantep. Promotional films, outdoor designs, informative content, and the corporate website were to be prepared by Siu Digital with this goal in mind.

How We Started?

Clearly conveying a construction project in a city of nearly 2.5 million people is no easy task. The challenge for companies is that the people who are supposed to share the project with the community tend to focus on the technical details of the project, and they often have a hard time effectively communicating the social benefits that the project will bring. When we met with GASKİ, the situation was clearly better. During our briefing meeting, the young engineers who explained the project to us expressed their desire to communicate the benefits that the people of Gaziantep would see in a clear and non-technical way, without getting into technical details. Now it was up to us to understand them and decide how to convey the benefits.

The Düzbağ Project was still in its early stages, and just showing pictures of the construction would not be enough for people in Gaziantep to internalize the benefits of the project. On the other hand, a fully animated film would distract the public from reality and undermine their belief that the project’s implementation schedule was imminent. Therefore, a technique combining video footage with animation was chosen, and preparations began. During discussions about the animation techniques to be used, it was decided that the dam, which would take years to build, the regulator, which would be built in the short term, and the pipes that would carry the water to the city would be brought to life through separate three-dimensional models and animations. In addition, two-dimensional kinetic typographic animations and motion graphics were to be used to clearly convey the information.

What We Did?

To explain how the Düzbağ Project, the largest drinking water project in Türkiye, would benefit the city and people of Gaziantep, it was necessary not only to create three-dimensional models and two-dimensional animations, but also to shoot videos to depict existing conditions. The journey to visualize all phases of the project from start to finish had thus begun.

The video shootings based on the prepared script and voiceover text, as well as the interview recordings with the Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin, and the General Director of GASKİ, Hüseyin Sönmezler, together with the three-dimensional models and two-dimensional animations presented the real benefits of the project. Videos showing the progress of the project in stages and prepared for outdoor advertising influenced the desire of the people of Gaziantep to learn more about the project until the promotional film was released.

As in the run-up to the release of the Düzbağ Project Film, the people of Gaziantep were kept extensively informed about the progress of the project after the film was released. As attention and curiosity about the project increased, there was a need to more effectively communicate the services provided by GASKİ to provide cheaper and higher quality water to the city of Gaziantep around the clock. After the production of the GASKİ Corporate Introduction Film, many small videos were created to further explain and describe the services.

With the increase in water consumption and water-related issues at home during the pandemic, there was a greater need for digital communication. As a result, GASKİ’s corporate website needed to be redesigned and updated to match the capabilities of the technology. As a result of the design and development work, a user-friendly and functionally robust website was created.


Gaziantep, the sixth largest city in Türkiye, which has been the pride of many civilizations, invigorates the Turkish economy with its production, seduces the world with its cuisine that is on the gastronomy list of UNESCO, and continues to grow with new projects, is now a very special region for us as well. The cooperation between Siu Digital and GASKİ included the production of the film about the Düzbağ Project, in which the necessity of the Düzbağ Project and the different phases of the project are explained in detail, the film about the Regulator, which describes the period until the regulator is put into operation, the film about the Water Treatment Plant, presenting the water purification plant according to the specific technical requirements, as well as dozens of videos posted on social media and the creation of the GASKİ corporate website, have been a long-lasting and great experience for us in terms of effectively communicating such a large-scale project to the public.
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