Storytelling Case in Product Launch: New Holland TT4 “My Father’s Gift (Babamın Hediyesi) 

New Holland, by far the leading brand in the Turkish tractor market, is a brand that a considerable part of Turkish farmers wish to own, admire, and love. It can be said that the launch film prepared for the most popular model of this brand, the TT4 series, combines the pride of owning the brand with this love and will be an emotional short film. New Holland chose Siu Digital to develop the content strategy and content production.
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The renewal of the New Holland TT4 series, which sits at the intersection of garden and field tractors and appeals to a very broad target audience, was critical not only for the brand but also for farmers. After extensive field research and user feedback, it was decided to create two separate films to introduce the new New Holland TT4 Series to the target audience, and these films would be shown for the first time at the launch event with dealers from all over Türkiye. Siu Digital would first explore the agricultural fields and habits of the target audience and create a didactic film to convey the product features to the target audience accordingly. Then, an emotional film would be produced to express the farmers’ love for their tractors and enable the brand to connect with its customers.

How We Started?

As Siu Digital’s content team, we met with New Holland field representatives and the dealer in charge in Salihli, Manisa. We saw agricultural equipment for the first time in our lives, different types of tractors whose differences we could not understand at first, and the enchanting natural beauty of gardens and fields that we wanted to learn about little by little. Then, in the fields and gardens, we listened to the product specialists’ presentations about tractors and tractor equipment and learned the story of the new TT4 Series. Given all this information, we decided to create an educational film that farmers could watch without getting bored and that would clearly convey the main features of the product, even if it was shown silently on the screens at exhibitions.

On the other hand, we have learned that a tractor is a family member for farmers, just like a son or daughter of a house. Farmers make decisions about buying a tractor based not only on the functional benefits, but also on the emotional benefits, and among the important factors influencing that decision are their spouses and children. Therefore, we decided that the farmer’s children, in particular, should play an important role in the emotional film we created. After the basic strategy work was completed with this information, we moved on to script preparation. This is where the story of “Babamın Hediyesi” (My Father’s Gift) emerged, which is about a child making preparations to buy his dream tractor for his father.

What We Did?

The production techniques and equipment used for the didactic film and the emotional film are different. At first, we thought that for the didactic film it would make more sense to shoot videos of the equipment being used on location, to get to know the product better and to adapt to the atmosphere. While the camera we would use here had similar image quality to the cameras we would use for the emotional film, we knew we needed to create a higher quality video that could also be supplemented with drone footage, which would be more useful for showing a large product like a tractor in large areas like fields and gardens. Therefore, we wanted to create drone footage with natural light at sunrise and sunset with rich colors and high quality. We mainly used local farmers as tractor drivers and performed the field shots.

While the didactic filming was being planned, the script work for the emotional film had also been completed, the actors selected, and suitable locations in Manisa Salihli determined. After the didactic filming was completed, a set was set up where a larger team would work since it was a drama, and the directing, camera, lighting, art, and set teams began work. After 4 days of indoor and outdoor shooting, the post-production phase began. The film, enriched with motion tracking animations, was ready for release after the post-production phase.

Being aware of the high quality we had achieved visually and emotionally, we also wanted to create a voiceover and music work that would complement this energy. Mehmethan Dişbudak, one of the most important Turkish musicians who has worked as an arranger for the albums of many famous artists, composed the music for our film, while Rüştü Asyalı, a renowned artist known for his work in Keloğlan films and a mentor to many actors, presenters, and voice actors, became the voice of our film and interpreted our emotions. The production process of the emotional film for the New Holland TT4 Series was completed with these important contributions.

When we evaluate the pre-production, production, and post-production phases, the services provided can be listed as follows:
  • ZCompetitor and market analysis, script writing, and storyboard creation
  • ZSelection of actors, procurement of location, construction of sets and decoration work
  • ZProviding direction, camera, lighting, art, set crews and equipment, and shooting services
  • ZWorking with a famous voice actor and composer
  • ZEditing, color correction, and music editing
  • ZAll animation work, including video overlay motion tracking, two-dimensional kinetic typographic animation and motion graphics


The emotional film for the New Holland TT4 Series holds a special place for Siu Digital. This special content, which was applauded by dozens of dealers who attended the launch of the New Holland TT4, was subsequently shared by dozens of accounts, including New Holland pages, and the emotional film in particular naturally went viral. In total, the film reached more than 15 million organic views and became one of the most watched videos in the field.

After the launch, a special framed digital print table featuring the final scene of father and son embracing in the film was produced for retailers who were deeply moved by the film to keep as a souvenir and distribute to their customers. In addition, a DVD of the film with special packaging was created and distributed to the merchants.

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